Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday:  Bookish Goals for 2015 

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Jeni's Picks
1.  Finish all the series I have on my shelf. I'm horrible about finishing them. I'm so far behind. I think I'll choose a series a month to finish. It's usually only the 3rd book I haven't completed.  
2. Buy more books from local stores: In Utah we have some amazing indie book stores that are so much fun to shop at. King's English is my favorite. They host so many book signings. 
3. Read More with my kids: I love reading with my kids but I want to read more. Its fun getting to discuss what is happening and predicting what we think will happen next. 
4. Blog every week: I need to be better about remembering to do it. I need to start writing reviews too. I'm just more of a reader than a writer. I love following everyone blogs and seeing what other people think about books. So I will try to have courage and write some reviews. 
5. Start a bookclub for boys:  I host three book clubs for girls 8-12 years old and my son keeps begging me to start one for him. It's a lot of work but so much fun. This might be something I start in the summer. 

Emily's Picks: 
1. Read new genres. 
2. Finish series
3. Write a chapter in my book each month
4. Write more book reviews
5. Visit more blogs. 

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