Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors We Would Love to Meet
brought to you by: the broke and the bookish

Emily's Picks:
1. Brandon Sanderson. Okay, so I did meet him, and I asked why his latest book was sooo long.  He didn't get my sarcasm, and even though there was a huge line behind me, continued to tell me why it was long.  It was funny actually. I have yet to read the really long series.

2. Robin McKinley.  I would love to meet her, and beg her to write a book featuring my favorite character.  yes, I would love that chance.

3. Chris Wooding. I wouldn't be an adoring fan, nope.  I would keep myself very calm and composed if I ever met him, and I wouldn't gush and tell him how much I loved his book The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, or how much I loved the twist in his book Poison.  I wouldn't.

4. Neil Gaiman.  Did you know he wrote episodes for Doctor Who? Yep, so this makes him cool. Wouldn't you love to talk with him and see what's in his brain?  I would.

5. Cynthia Voigt. I first read Jackaroo when I was 12, and then 14, 16, 26..

6. Michael Pollan. I love his book In Defense of Food.  I think he is on to something. Plus, he writes about food.

7. Patricia C. Wrede.  I love her books, they are witty and silly and fun. Dealing with Dragons was a great read.  My daughter loved them.

8. Patricia Briggs.  I have to thank her for introducing me to werewolves, and a world where vampires don't sparkle.

9. Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson is the character who made my daughter want to read.  So, in my eyes these books will forever be the best in YA.

10. Rosamunde Pilcher.  This fine lady I have spend many a happy day with.  I have a time of year where all I read is her books.  I love them.  Snow In April is short, impossible and divine.  Sleeping Tiger is a great beach read in the best sense. And Coming Home is a story we can all relate too. It's growing up, painfully, awkwardly and being an adult all in one. I will forever read this lady.

Jeni's Picks:
1. Rick Riordan. I was so sad to find out he was coming to Utah but you had to live in Provo/Orem to be able to get tickets. 

2. Kerstin Gier: Her Ruby Red Trilogy was fantastic and I would love to meet her in person. 

3. Sarah E. Ladd: Her books get better and better. I'm crossing my fingers she will come to Utah one day. 

4. Lynda Mullaly Hunt: One for the Murphy's was a great book and my daughters loved it. We would all like to meet her. 

5. Rebecca Stead: When You Reach Me and Liar & Spy were awesome. 

6. Rosamunde Pilcher: I'm with Emily on this one. Every time I re-read one of her books I fall in love with her characters again. I just want to give her a big hug. 

7. Sarah Dessen: My sister and I have read all her books. Meeting her in person would be a perfect girls night out.

8. Anne Frank: I know this one is impossible but it would definitely be a great life experience if she were still alive today to meet. 

9. Judy Blume: One of my favorite authors in elementary school. It would be amazing to meet her in person. 


  1. Rick Riordan was on my list too! I agree it would be really awe-inspiring to meet Anne Frank, were she still alive.
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  2. Neil Gaiman would be fun to meet in real life!!

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