Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top Ten Book Covers I'd Frame As Pieces of Art 
  brought to you by the broke and the bookish

Jeni's Picks:
I love this picture. It would be fun to have my daughter dress up for this shot and hang it up in the family room 

I just like this picture. 

This would be a fun engagement picture. 

We always love taking pictures at the beach. This would be a fun slightly spooky photo shoot. My girls would love it. 

I would love to get a  wedding day picture of my daughter like this. 

Emiy's Picks
 1. There is something haunting and beautiful about this picture that I love.
2. I like slightly creepy and strange things, and having a snake around your neck, this will do.  I think this could be considered modern art. Don't you?
 3. There is something haunting in this cover, that I love.

4, I love any picture with a grove of trees, so pretty, and this one has a pretty dress, so you really can't complain.  Love this.
5. I love the covers in this series, and this one, well, I love it.  :)

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