Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I love being a blogger/reader
brought to you by the broke and the bookish

Jeni's Picks:
1. Entertainment: I'm not much for TV or movies but I love to read.
2. Learning: I learn something new in every book I read. 
3. Escape: sometimes I just want to escape my reality for awhile. 
4. Increasing my TBR list: Not that I really need help with this but it's fun seeing what new books are out there.   
5. Branching out: I love reading other blogs to see what people enjoy reading. It helps me step out of my comfort zone.

Emily's Picks
1. Books are the ultimate guide to the universe.  They can transport us instantly to another world, and we can choose to be totally consumed..or not.
2. Meeting characters that make me fall in love, to love the world I live in, Too find hope in something beyond myself.
3. The gift of words is given to everyone, but only a few have the power to translate that into something magical, and they share it with us. And when you find that gem of a book, you never want to let it go. That is why I love reading.
4. Blogging, I can express my self without stumbling over my own words. I am not very elegant at expressing them in person.
5. I can meet people in this world of ours by just skipping on over to sights like The Broke and the Bookish, and suddenly meet a kindred spirit, who reads just as much as me, and who maybe has a few books i have not read, or has suggestions that I wouldn't have tried.  


  1. Escape! Defiantly, in the midst of hard times... read...read ...read!

  2. Great picks :) Blogging has definitely got me to step out of my comfort zone and read books I wouldn't have even looked at twice before. I love books that make me fall in love - with the characters, the writing, the world - it's a truly wonderful feeling! Great points :) My TTT.